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Enzo Garza


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Enzo Garza

Founder, CEO & Automation Nerd


As the founder of Accounting Prose, Enzo has dedicated their career to empowering small businesses and fostering growth within local communities With an unwavering commitment to Bodhisattva and Kaizen values, Enzo has developed a unique approach to business an personal growth that focuses on continuous improvement. 

Throughout their career, Enzo has had the great fortune to hone their craft, developing a deep passion for small business and the challenges they face. Enzo's enthusiasm for accounting, technology, marketing, software development, and workspace culture and diversity shines through in every interaction. They are know for their ability to think in terms of systemization and efficiency, often sharing color-coded flow charts with clients to help streamline processes. 

Enzo's dedication to helping clients and employees thrive has had a lasting impact on local communities and economies. They understand that true success comes from genuine partnerships, and they strive to ensure that everyone involved in a project feels supported and valued. Always eager to learn and grow, Enzo is a true embodiment of the values they hold dear, and their passion for supporting small businesses is contagious. 


Favorite Things:
custom-bullet  Skiing in the Rockies
custom-bullet  High-Altitude Gardening
custom-bullet  Techno Music


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