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Streamline Your Law Firm's Finances with Expert Accounting Support.

As a law firm, it’s crucial to maintain compliance and careful records to build client trust and relationships. Stay up to date and in the know with Accounting Prose.


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Holding funds in a trust on behalf of your client can be complex. These accounts are subject to strict regulations and require separate record-keeping from your own operating accounts. Trust reconciliation reports must also be available at a moment’s notice, but keeping up with these requirements can feel impossible.

Ensure full compliance and ethical integrity with our accounting expertise. We ensure funds are accurately and promptly disbursed, while maintaining accurate transaction records that comply with regulatory requirements. Stay informed with detailed trust accounting reports for transparent financial management. 



A robust budget is the backbone of any successful law firm. However, the unpredictable nature of legal cases often causes irregular cash flow, creating challenges to accurate forecasting and budgeting. While your team is putting in a lot of hours, it feels like less and less money is in the bank at the end of the month.

Take control over your finances with Accounting Prose. We utilize cutting-edge software and proven methodologies to identify the true cost of your services, project revenues and expenses accurately, and create cash flow management solutions tailored to your firm’s unique needs. Make the right pricing decisions to increase profitability and manage your firm’s financial future.

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