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Professional HR Services for Your Small Business | Accounting Prose

Tailored HR Services for Small Business Success.

Simplify HR complexity with our dedicated support, tailored for your unique business needs. 

Professional HR Services for Your Small Business  Accounting Prose (2)

Empower Your Small Business with Expert HR Partnership.

We get it - small businesses face their own set of unique challenges. That's why we've designed our HR services to be as flexible and supportive as you need, making sure you're always on the right side of compliance and helping to build a positive, productive workplace for your team.

Trusted HR Partner | Accounting Prose

The Strategic Advantage of HR Outsourcing.

Partnering with Accounting Prose means gaining a dedicated team of SHRM and HRCI Certified Human Resources Professionals who are committed to your success. We'll take the time to understand your unique needs, providing personalized solutions that align with your business goals.

Our comprehensive HR services not only ensure compliance, but also help create a positive work environment that promotes employee satisfaction and productivity.

Start Your HR Success Journey

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Our team will help you create and distribute your Company Handbook, ensure you're updated with the latest compliance alerts, conduct poster audits, and manage I9 verification and auditing.



We provide critical training in secure data handling, OSHA compliance, and zero-tolerance policy for retaliation, equipping your leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to guide their teams.



We'll assist you in formulating a fair and effective discipline policy, standardizing performance review templates, and setting up a system for reporting concerns, fostering a culture of accountability.



Navigating employee terminations can be challenging. Our team will help you develop pre and post-termination checklists, train your team in respectful termination practices, and guide you in creating fair severance packages.



We'll help you implement a transparent leave request process, draft an ADA accommodations policy, and provide harassment prevention training, ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace.



Staying in line with wage and hour regulations is crucial. We'll guide you in understanding and implementing these rules, preventing costly legal issues.

Elevate Your HR Game with HR Prose!

Ready to level up your HR practices? HR Prose is your strategic partner for comprehensive, compliant, and personalized HR solutions. Reach out to start your journey towards better HR management!



Comprehensive HR Assessment

Kickstart your HR transformation with our comprehensive HR assessment. We dive deep into your current HR practices, pinpointing both strong points and areas that need a boost. From compliance to risk exposure, wages to employment laws, anti-discrimination to benefits, and discipline to termination procedures, we leave no stone unturned.



Immediate Risk Mitigation

Upon mitigating immediate risks, we shift our attention towards comprehensive HR restructuring. While not necessarily urgent, this phase is crucial for the long-term health and efficiency of their HR practices. We ensure that their organization is not only compliant but also optimized for efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.


Proactive HR Restructing

After swiftly addressing immediate risks, we pivot to an extensive overhaul of your HR framework. This vital step, though not always urgent, sets the stage for enduring HR health and efficiency. Our focus? To build an HR structure that exceeds mere compliance, driving efficiency, boosting productivity, and enhancing employee satisfaction.


Ongoing HR Support

Our commitment doesn't end with risk mitigation and restructuring. With HR Prose, you're gaining a partner that stays on top of the ever-evolving HR landscape, ready to provide ongoing support whenever you need it. 

Whether it's maintaining compliance, managing risks, or boosting efficiency, we're right beside you, ensuring your HR operations contribute positively to your business' growth and success. 



Have questions? We've got you. 

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