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4-step process

Customizable Plans


We recognize that each organization is unique, so the pricing for our services varies according to complexity, urgency, volume, and services requested.

To ensure that we get it right the first time, we follow our 4-step process.

Learning about your business

We begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation to further understand your business objectives, challenges, and needs. We value your time, so we are honest and transparent about whether our services are the right fit for what you're looking for in an accounting team. Through this conversation, we determine if there's potential for us to create a successful partnership together.

Let’s get up to speed

After sending an NDA, we’ll take a peek under the hood of your accounting system. We'll extensively assess its current setup, pinpoint any potential issues and gain an understanding of how it has been maintained up until this point. We’ll leave no stone unturned and will even share our findings with you, should you want to understand the health of your accounting file.

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Final steps! We’re almost ready to get started!

We pore over our notes, take your accounting file into consideration, and create a customized quote that addresses all of your accounting needs. Once you take a look at the proposal, we can hop on a call to address any concerns, adjust the terms, or move into the next step.

Get started
Time to get you back to what you do best

Once you click “accept” on our proposal, our accounting team gets to work. We gather information, schedule our first client success call, and get started on your work.


Put your accounting on auto-pilot. 

Don't spend another Friday night trying to make sense of your accounting. Let your new accounting team handle it all for you. 

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