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As a consultant, your expertise is everything. Receive the accounting support you need to make educated decisions that support your business growth.

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As a consulting firm, contracts are often complex and can span the course of several months or even years! With such long engagements, it can be challenging to accurately recognize revenue.

Accounting Prose offers expert advice on how and when to recognize revenue, in line with applicable accounting standards. By doing so, you can ensure your reporting is correct to make informed financial decisions and ultimately empower your firm’s future growth.


Every consulting project is unique, with distinctly different requirements, timelines, and resources. Accurately determining the cost of a project is vital to client satisfaction and overall business success. But, underestimating these variables can lead to inaccurate pricing, strained client relationships, and even compromised profit margins.

Our Project Costing Services provide a detailed, accurate picture of your project costs, ensuring your pricing strategies are competitive and profitable. We help you identify profitable versus unprofitable projects ahead of time, leading to increased potential revenue and business growth!


Managing and controlling overhead (the indirect costs associated with running a business), can significantly impact your consulting firm’s profitability. From office space, utilities, marketing expenses, and technology costs, it can be tricky to juggle all of these costs and ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. High overhead costs can erode profit margins, making it more difficult for your firm to invest in growth or weather financial downturns.

By conducting a detailed overhead analysis, Accounting Prose creates a clear picture of your firm’s financial health. This insight can help you price your services more accurately, improve profitability, and make informed business decisions, turning overhead management from a challenge into a strategic advantage!


Waiting long periods of time for clients to pay their invoices (accounts receivable), while needing to pay your expenses (accounts payable), can lead to cash flow crunches. This can negatively impact your ability to meet operational costs, invest in growth opportunities, and endure dry spells.

Our Working Capital Optimization Service is designed to optimize your working capital by effectively managing accounts payable and receivable. We optimize your accounts payable to maximize payment terms without jeopardizing your relationships to improve cash flow. We also review your firm’s invoicing and collections processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

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