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Simple payroll, no matter if your employees are in the next room, town, or on the other side of the world.

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We pair best-in-class software with a team of payroll experts to make managing payroll & HR easier for you and your growing team. 

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As your business grows, you might discover that your payroll becomes increasingly complicated. With deductions, taxes, PTO, benefits, garnishments, and reimbursements to think about–  it's easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed.

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Payroll for Small Businesses | Accountingprose + Gusto

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migrate | Accounting Prose

Fast Migration

Migration to best-in-class payroll software, Gusto, is lightning fast! Why struggle with outdated systems another day?

onboarding | Accounting Prose-1

Simple Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding in Gusto are super simple. With features like automated software provisioning, you can fly through the boring stuff!

global payments

Global Payments

Pay all of your domestic employees, no matter where they are in the US, and international contractors in more than 80 countries. 


Remote-Work Ready

Expanding your US-based team? We'll handle the payroll tax license setup, so you're always compliant. 

Next Day Direct Deposits | Accountingprose

Next-Day Deposits

Preserve your cash on hand and be more in control of payroll with optional next-day direct deposits. 

automated taxes | Accounting Prose

Automated Taxes

Never miss a deadline with automated payment and filing of federal and state taxes and forms.

year end tax forms | Accounting Prose

Year-End Tax Forms

Year-end filings, including Form W2 and Form 1099, are available online for quick download.

expert tax support | Accounting Prose

Expert Support

Your dedicated payroll expert will support and guide you every step of the way.

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